Criminal process and a criminalistik


Head of departmen

The candidate of juridical sciences, docent

Kim Elina Pavlovna


Address: Shymkent city, st.Tauke Khan 5

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The list of the taught disciplines on the component of the choice of the department of the "Criminal Process and Criminology"

General information

In accordance with the governmental license of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan the “Criminalprocess and a criminalistik” department prepares highly skilled specialists, speaking foreign languages and able to respond quickly and adequately to changing modernity realias.
Department teaching staff (TS) represents scientific and practical personnel of high proficiency. Among 14  persons of  TS, six candidates of legal sciences, eight senior lecturers which seven of them legal  magisters.
Training of specialists is carried out on both State and Russian languages, on full-time and extra-mural course of study.


The main mission of department and way of teaching in the  criminal justice is to provide students with high education  of law by teaching students  and explaining principles of jurisprudence  and motivating them to prevent unlawful act, to stop the crime and using  the legal rights with taken responsibility  in the real life.  
In the process of studying the students learn the theory of State and law, history of political and legal doctrines, history of home slate and law, history of slate and law of foreign countries, constitutional law, administrative law, financial law, civil law, civil procedural law, criminal law, procedural criminal law, criminalistics, environmental law, land law, labor law, international law, international private law, customs law, state law, constitutional law of foreign countries, criminology, procuracy supervision, basic legal statistics, entrepreneurial law, family law, other legal disciplines, as well as foreign language, logic, social and humanitarian disciplines, different courses of in-depth study of the distinct spheres of legal knowledge within the framework of specialization.


Work directions

Development of working program on special courses, as well as introduction of alterations and amendments to the working programs in different disciplines on the basis of typical programs.

  -Guidance of students research work, introductive training, practical training and predegree training on different courses of study;
-Implementation of complex methodological support of the department disciplines in Russian and Kazakh languages;
-Teachers’ participation in research work, scientific-methodic seminars;
-Educational work with students, assignment of tutors in the academic groups.

Using the innovation metods to improve education

For the students who are working and as well asstudying via distance learning  in our university is innovated system “prometei”,for their convenience, students get all resources and materials to prepare forexams  and to be ready  final sessions in the end of semester.
Department of “Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure”  is providing with contemporary and international standardizedclassrooms for specific disciplines. To attract interest of students study cycle is different by using automatized “Faces 4.0,”, “Pharma” and study cases, scene plays, 

  Students life

Students of the department have the opportunity to do practical training at the units of Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Tax Committee, National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the Public Prosecution Office of South Kazakhstan oblast, at the regional and municipal akimats and maslikhats.


Students have active and interesting way of living; take part in all university events by virtue of student self-administration and the public dean's offices; the students have their permanent representatives in the student council at M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University. There are different youth clubs, “Adilet” Students Scientific Society, sports classes, Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted and others in the students’ possession.

The students take part in different municipal and republican competitions, such as, Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted, academic competitions.

Close relationship with law-enforcement agencies of South Kazakhstan oblast is traditionally maintained at the department. Besides, the court room is opened at the main building of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, the functioning purpose of which is to carry demonstration cases and hold meetings within the framework of Shymkent city municipal court activity; role playing of cases and special courses on procedural law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To the school leaver

Specialization: Bachelor of Jurisprudence
Professional activity of the graduates: fulfillment of the following law-enforcement practices, such as investigative, operational and search, advocacy, executive operating, notarial certifying practices.
Graduates’ field of activity:

  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Law executives agencies
  • Public prosecution office
  • Notary office
  • Advocacy
  • in the capacity of consultant at any organization
  • Field of professional activity:
  • protection, provision, guarantees of legal rights and state interests observance, of individuals and legal entities.
  • Objects of professional activity:
  • Law-enforcement agencies;
  • Judicial, executive and representative agencies of the governmental authorities and administration;
  • governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • Advocacy;
  • Banks;
  • Insurance and audit companies;
  • Educational organizations.

Magister works

There is an opportunity for graduated students in our department  to get magsiter diploma
South Kazakhstan university named after M.Auezov’s magister program  was opened in 2008, till this time by major of legal science 6M030100 has finished about 105 magisters
University’s education program for magisters are carrying ways in scientific metadology  and practical tactics to develop their skills,to think logical in order to be qualified in their fields like going directly to science researches or pedagogy, and controlling, analyzing their works, to improve and to get best results. Another important things for magisters by attracting  them to take scientific works,  we improve their potentials to be specialized in legal science. 


University graduate program’s  main partners are foreign institutions, law universities by associating with them we create unique study system and also we invite foreign professors to give lectures for our students each year. Due to university’s international relations with foreign institutions our graduate students get chance to  study abroad or work in research centers.  


Department takes part in international associations.From Russian federation was invited main specialist in Federal research centers,administrative responsible for preventing crimes, Doctor of legal science, professor K.K Goryanov and academy professor, Doctor of legal science U.A Kashuba in order to give lectures and trainings  for students and magisters.


From Russian federation was invited main specialist in Federal research centers,administrative responsible for preventing crimes, Doctor of legal science, professor K.K Goryanov meeting with students and magisters

  Doctor of legal science U.A Kashuba from Russia federation meeting with graduate students