Head of the department

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Zhumabekov Madiyar Ualiyevich

Address: Office,148, Main block, 5, Tauke Khan Ave, Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Telephone: 30-02-51



General information

The Chair of "Philosophy" was established in 1998 by merging of the Chair of "Philosophy" of Kazakh chemist-technological institute and Chair of "Philosophy and Law" of South-Kazakhstan Humanitarian University.

From 1998 to 2013, the department was headed by the doctor of philosophy, then the doctor of philosophical sciences (1998) N.M. Musaeva.

At this stage the department achieved great success: N.Musayeva, N.N. Imankulov, S.N. Nurmuratov, doctoral thesis, V.AIyevsky, G.K.Ezerkepova, T.A. Suleimenov, N.A. Ibraeva, A.B. Shuralbekova, K.Sh. Orazimbetova, M.K. Rahimshikova defended her thesis and improved the quality of the staff of the department;

- The Chair organized two large-scale scientific forums. The first is an international conference "The Culture of the Nomads and the Great Silk Road: Time for an Interview" in 2000. Scientists from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan took part in this scientific meeting. The second organized the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference "Self-knowledge" (2004); At the same time, under the guidance of NM Musayeva, four candidate dissertations were defended: BB Aringgazieva (2003), KB Kemelbekov (2005), Ibraeva NA (2007), A.B. Shuralbekova (2008)); In 2003 the department opened a master's degree in specialty 6M020100 - "Philosophy". 10 master's theses were defended under the guidance of NM Musayev; - According to the results of the 2008-2009 academic year, the department received the nomination "The best department of the SSUE named after M.Auezov"; - In 2011, Associate Professor T.A. Suleimenov took part in the Republican contest "Gifted Teacher" in Astana and took the first place in the nomination "Humanitarian disciplines". - In 2016 in connection with the consultation of prof. N. M. Musaeva, Ph.D. Under the leadership of A.B. Shalabekova student team took part in the Republican competition "Philosophy" at the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi and took the honorable 3rd place. Among those who worked at the department in different years were: Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies S.E. Nurmuratov you can go. - In 2013-2017 years. The chair "Philosophy" was headed by Doctor of Science, Associate Professor T.A. Suleimenov. - In August 2017 the department was reorganized into "Philosophy and Cultural Studies". - Head of the department - candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor M.U. Zhumabekov. There are 2 professors, 9 associate professors, 6 candidates of science and 20 associate professors. At the Faculty of Philosophy and Culturology prepares students for 6M020100 - Philosophy, 6M050200 - Political Science, 6M040200 - Culturology.



Our mission

·         To shape beside student of the philosophical scientific outlook

·         To shape valuable orientation on basic humans values

·         Bring up patriotism in civil and Kazakhstan’s spirit

·         To shape creative thinking 

·         Research of the philosophical bases of the Kazakh national culture and explanation of them to students

·         Research of different forms of the Kazakh culture of the thinking from positions of philosophical methodology

·         Familiarization with treasure house of the world philosophical thought

·         To shape beside student of the free thinking and art of speech

·         To shape of tolerance

The Chair realizes teaching of discipline "History and philosophy of science" for graduate students of all directions of preparation. Preparations of graduate students are begun since 2002 year in the profession 6N0201 "Philosophy".


Our achievements

The philosophical circle "TUNBA" functions at the Chair. Every year conducted philosophical Olympiads. The Teachers of the Chair effectively manage of student research work. The Results please: some researches our students were a noted award on republican level: Haliknazarov K., Moldabekov B., Eshankulov B. and others.

The Chair supports close-fitting scientific and creative relationship with Lomonosov Moscow State University, al-Faraby Kazakh National University, Belarusian State University, Institute of Philosophy and Political Sciences of Minister of Education and Science Republic of Kazakhstan, Institute of Philosophy and Law Sciences of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.


The Chair’s faculty raise qualification are realized on basis of such universities, as Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Saint-Petersburg State University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Mirzo Ulug’bek Nomidagi O’zbekiston Milliy University.

Work goes at the chair on State financed basis on the theme "Actual problems of Kazakh philosophy".


Scientific work

In 2000 chair has organized international scientifically-theoretical conference  B-16-12-11 "Studying the cultural and historical perspectives of the national idea".

The staff of the Chair took part in declared by Ministry of education and science contest on development State standards of education and standard programs.

At the Chair functions scientifically-methodical seminar under the direction of candidate of philosophy Suleymenov T.A.

Currently, the head of the department is the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor M.U. Zhumabekov. There are 2 professors, 9 assistant professors, 6 candidates of science, 2 PhD  and 19 senior teachers working fruitfully.