Criminal law criminal procedure


Manager of department 

Candidate of legal sciences, assistant professor

Imashev Botabek Esenbekovich




Address: Shymkent city, st.Tauke Khan 5
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General information
The departments of "Criminal Law and Criminology" and "Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics" were formed on October 19, 2020 in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of the University named after M. Auezov to the department "Criminal law and criminal procedure" In accordance with the state license of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstanthe department provides training of highly qualified specialists, who are able to quickly and adequately respond to the changing realities of our time, knowledge of foreign languages.
Higher-education teachingpersonnelofthedepartment are scientific and highly skilled practitioners. Among them there is 1 Doctor of Law, professor, 6 candidates of legal sciences, 6 senior teachers, including 5 Masters of Law, 1 teacher.
Training is conductedin the State language and Russian languageon full-time and evening classes.


The students learn the theory of state and law, history of political and legal doctrines, the history of home state and law, history of state and law of foreign countries, constitutional law, administrative law, financial law, civil law, civil procedural law, criminal law, criminal procedure law, criminology, environmental law, land law, labor law, international law, private international law, customs law, public law, constitutional law of foreign countries, criminology, public prosecutor's supervision, the foundations of legal statistics, business law, family law and other legal disciplines, as well as foreign language, social and humanities courses and a variety of in-depth study of certain areas of legal knowledge within the specialization.


Aspects of work

· Development of work program for special coursesas well as changes and additionsto the work programs in various disciplines of model programs;
· Educationalworkofstudents, the implementation of supervision in academic groups;
· Managementofresearchworkofstudents, teaching and study, production and pre-diploma practice in various courses of study;
· Implementationofacomprehensive methodical support of disciplines in the Kazakh and Russian languages;
Participationofteachers in scientific research, scientific seminar


Conducting scientific seminar in conjunction with the Judges of South Kazakhstan Region.Innovative technologies in the educational process

For studentsof distancelearning"Prometheus" system is used by means of which students can be remotely educated. With this system, students can continuously from his work, and obtain the necessary information at the end of the semester there is a possibility to pass tests and exams.
In studying the cycle of criminal-law disciplinesmethods of analysis, case studies, role play, and brainstorming are actively used. Thelearning process isorganized in such a way that almost all the students are involved in a process of learning, they have the ability to understand and apply new knowledge directly. Joint activity of students in the learning process, development of teaching material means that each individual makes his own special contribution; there is an exchange of knowledge, ideas, and ways of activity. Moreover, there is an atmosphere of goodwill and mutual support, which allows not only obtaining new knowledge, but also develops itself cognitive activity, it translates into higher forms of cooperation and collaboration.

Educational work

Educationalworkis a critical component of theeducational activities of the department and is carried out continuously in the course of academic work and after hours.
Planning, organizing and conducting educational work at theUniversityare built on the basis of the requirements of the law"On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education", orders and instructions of the Head of university, the local regulatory and procedural acts of the university.
Direct organizationofeducational activities carried out by Prorector of educational work.
Educational work in the department for several years headed by Senior Lecturer Zh. G Ibraev (pictured in the center).



Research work

Scientific conferencesare meetings of colleagues who gathered to exchange experiences, discuss common problems and develop solutions. How useful are these meetings for young professionals who want to devote themselves to science in criminal matters and legislation can be analyzed based on experience.
The content of the reports, speakers at the conferences held, shows that young scientists and students are sufficiently knowledgeable in the field of evaluation as a legal practice. Participation in the discussions showed that the younger generation not only actively delves into the essence of the legal issues, but also has an opinion about the shortcomings allowed in attempts to solve them
In order to attract more students to the conference, the department twice a yearorganizes scientific conferences on topical issues of criminal law theory wave of young scientists.

Vocational guidance work

Vocational guidance work at theDepartmentiscarried out in schools of Shymkent and in region. Atameetingwithgraduates of schools our teachers talked about the educational grants allocated in all specialties and explained the rules for admission exams for the creative professions and provide full information aboutSouth Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov.
Information leaflets, posters are distributedand declared the days and time of consultation for applicant

Student life

Studentslive an activeandinteresting lifeinvolvedinall university affairs through student government and public deaneries have their permanent representatives to the Council of students at South Kazakhstan State University named after M.AuezovAt the disposal of students - various youth clubs,"Themis", sports clubs, and other club KVN.
Students participate in a variety of municipal and national competitions, such as the KVN, the Olympiad.
The department has traditionally maintained a close relationship with law enforcement South Kazakhstan Region. Furthermore, in the main body South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov open courtroom, the purpose of which is to carry out the functioning of show trials and meetings Shymkent gameplay.


Students meeting with law enforcement officials on the matters of the fight against corruption StudentsoftheDepartment of "Criminal Law and Criminology"of South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezovparticipate in local and regional cultural events

Specialization: Bachelor of Jurisprudence.
Professional activity of graduates: the implementation of law enforcement practices - investigative, operational and investigative, lawyer, executive and production, notary-certifying.
Sphere of activity of graduates:
• law enforcement
• judicial and executive bodies
• prosecutors
• Notary
• Bar
• as counsel in any enterprises
Sphere of professional activity:
- The protection, maintenance, guarantee respect for the legitimate rights and interests of the state, individuals and legal entities.
Objects of professional activity:
• law enforcement agencies;
• judicial, executive and representative bodies of state power and administration;
• public and private enterprises;
• Bar;
• banks;
• insurance and audit companies;
• organization of education.

Graduates of the faculty have the opportunity to continue their education in the magistracy.
Master's degree in 6M030100 - Legal South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov was opened in 2008. To date, the University prepared 170 masters in the specialty 6M030100 - Jurisprudence. Educational programs Magistrates of South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov implemented in two areas of training - scientific-pedagogical and profile - and provide an in-depth specialized training that allows graduates to subsequently successfully engaged in scientific, educational, administrative and expert activities. Education in Masters South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov involves active research work, participation in university research projects under the guidance of leading experts in the priority areas of science and practice. 


Realization of educational programs carried Magistrates University in close collaboration with leading foreign educational and scientific organizations. For undergraduates South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov annual lectures invited foreign professors through International Relations University undergraduates South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov have the opportunity to travel for training and internships in foreign universities and research centers.