Department of State and Legal disciplines


 Manager by a department

Tleulov Bolatbek Ernstovich

candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher




- 1975 - 1979 - went to Higher school of МВД of the USSR on speciality "Jurisprudence", qualification : "Lawyer"

- 1979-1981 is an investigator of the Inquisitional department of УВД Шымкентскогооблисполкома;

- In 1989 - 1992 is an adjunct ВЮЗШ МВД of the USSR, Russian FEDERATION;

- 1999-2003 is an associate professor of department of

In December, 1995 secured candidate's dissertation for a theme: "Normatively-legal acts of organs of internal affairs in Institute of the state and right АН on speciality 12.00.01 is a theory and history of right and state; history of political and legal manoeuvres;

Address: Шымкент, Boulevard of тауке-хана, 5; каб.№167

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      General information

      The "theory of the state and right" and department " of 5В011500- "basis of Right and экономкика" of 2001 school began preparation on speciality of the бакалавриатаПроведены educating accordance with the State general standard of education on speciality.

Preparation of bachelor from 2010 to 14.11.2012 №about 120190073 came true in accordance with a state license.

     Educational program of 5В011500- "basis of Right and economy" on accordance to the normative requirements on speciality "Education" under the law of РК 2015/2019, by the Government program of development of formation of РК 5.04.019-2011, ГОСО, "Higher education.

     Departments a primary objective is strengthening of legal frameworks of the state along with addition As the stake only skilled specialist, біліктіт is preparation of specialists. Students during an educational process theory of the state and right, history of political and legal manoeuvres, history of the home state and right, history of the state and right for foreign countries, constitutional right, administrative law, financial right, civil law, civil-judicial right, criminalistics, ecolaw, landed right, labour right


     Faculty advisors

      "Theory of the state and right" on speciality 1 basic teachers on a department. The teachers of department have graduate degrees, from them candidates of legal sciences :Nurtazin of Е.... With Beisebaeva S.BAndOrazalieva.A.MBekmuratov.E.P.Nakishov.N.N.Tleulov.B.E.experience and deep lectures for students, based on knowledge, very interestingly. In additionShaldarbekova M.B.Jamankaraeva G.S., Jumanova.K.T.WithKalishov.S.D.Berdibekov of S. О.,Kozibakova.S.A.Yrilkapova.Sh.U.Tilegenova.J.K.Kukeev.A.K.Bibolaeva.M.B.



 Direction of department

     5В011500- "bases of Right and economy" on 2015-2020 aim of the educational program on speciality. М. ofАуэзова of ЮКГУ by a complete mission, strategic plan, aim and tasks and identification бәсекелестіккежауап at the market of labour, demand  is qualifications that can preparation of students

     Special course on educational program development, and also works on different disciplines on the basis of the model programs, making alteration and additions in November.

-К to research work, acquaintance with educational, productive and преддипломной to practices supervising of events

-of the complex methodical providing of disciplines of department on Russian and Kazakh language

research work, scientifically - methodical, participating in seminars.

-work of students, in educational groups academic works tutorship comes true

"Bases of right and economy" level of graduating students of on speciality skilled local professional educational establishments, colleges and complements query in the center of maintenance of population.

     our graduating students.ЮКГУ of the name of ауэзова, 5В011500 are "bases of Right and economy on speciality" Аль-Фараби and А. Л. ЕНУ of the name of гумилева in a city council, and also in another higher educational establishments educating in a city council in perfection of knowledge, at high level indexes of every year of educating, and also a department cooperates with the center of English



     Research and educator work

      "Theory of the state and right" a teacher is a professor М. composition.ЮКГУ of the name of ауэзова republic of казахстан in accordance with the thematic plan of research works.

Teachers of department are in the magazines, presented committee of СТ РК, area, with zero not with a импакт-фактором (Scopus, Thompson Reuters, Elsevier) and in the magazines of РИНЦ, and also the articles are published in collections of international conferences

In addition, teachers of department research work is conducted. Under the direction of teachers students accept active voice in the conferences of the faculty and university, organized.

 Regional, regional, municipal and participate in conferences. Teachers and students are in the different cities of Russia and Kazakhstan that will pass in republican and international scientific and technical and scientifically-methodical conferences

      The teachers of department, round table, conduct meeting with workers other. "Theory of the state and right" and department "our common cause of fight against a corruption on a theme:" ЦФО Г. by the employees of факультета.Г. Орынтаева, professor and teacher of department ЕңліханШарипхановичКозыбаева took place round table with participation a personnel.

In accordance with the chart of realization of subject olympiads in higher educational establishments, Талдыкорган, Жетысуский among April, 7-8, 2016 in an university higher educational establishments of 5В011500-основы of Right and economy " of VIII the Republican subject olympiad on speciality

     For participating in an olympiad took part КУАНДЫК-ЮМ-14-2К, student of group ЮМ Нуртай of Балнур-14-2к, student of group ЮМ Жансая of Сыдыкова-15-2к, student of group ЮМ Усенбаева Улжан-15-2к, student of group M-anchorman Садибекова.С. is "Theory of the state and right", senior teacher of department 5.04.2016-9.04.2016 a business trip with "Жетысу" send in an university with departure in a business trip

      6.04.2016 years.occupying in a hotel "Жетысу", by a state university, acquaintance with the program of olympiad. Theme: 7.04.2016 registrations in 8-30, 9-00 hour inauguration of VIII of the Republican subject olympiad, 1 stage of олимпиады-написание Essay test in 10-00, 14-00 hours during 2 the stage of olympiad "Plan of Nation - future of Kazakhstan" is participated in defence of project. As 8.04.2016 from 9-00 testing o'clock 3 the stage of olympiad, participated in the ceremony of closing of olympiad at 16-30 o'clock. Г. талдыкорган, Жетысуски VIII to the Republican subject olympiad of the name 5В01150

      Practice of students

     5В011500- "bases of Right and economy" on speciality educational-acquainting, productive and преддипломная practices are conducted according to plan.5В011500 - bases of Right and economy got diplomas students of speciality of the Pedagogical schools-gymnasia of practice. In addition, a memorandum was signed about the collaboration of department and by the places of confinement of contract.

      works of graduating students

      5В011500 are "bases of Right and economy" to the graduating students on speciality "bases of Right and economy" the academic is awarded degree-bachelor.

     These specialities of bachelor at high school, lyceum, gymnasium, college and other middle special educational establishments can teach bases of right and economy, and also in public and non-state institutions (institutes of in-plant training, in print editions ), consultative firms, educational establishments (laboratory assistant managing a cabinet, consultant, менеджер.с. p.), position can occupy.