International relation and international law

 Head of Department

 Mamasharipova Gulnar Anuarovna

 candidate of Historical Sciences, senior lecturer


Address: 486018, Shymkent city, Tauke – khan pr., 5, SKSU, the main educational case, cab.150


General information

Departments "International Relations and Political Science", "Constitutional, Customs and International Law" by the decision of the Academic Council by Order No. 206, August 28, 2017, the department "International Relations and Customs business" was approved.

State license Series А№ 0000042 dated 26.04.2004 for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan №361 on the basis of Decree 5В020200 - training is carried out on  the specialty "International Relations", also State License Series A № 12019073 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to 14.11. 2012 №361 on the basis of the Decree 5В030400 of specialty "Customs business".

The department "International Relations and Customs business" carries out preparation and graduation of bachelors   on   the specialty: 5В020200- "International Relations" and 5В030400- "Customs business "

           Specialty 5В020200 - "International Relations" for students leading to date, allows you to master a set of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Asia and Africa, a new history of Europe and America in the field of politics and modern international trends, diplomatic and consular services, organization, stages and directions of foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, collective directions of multilateral diplomacy, diplomacy and development, the current state of economic relations in the world sphere, knowledge of diplomacy protocol and etiquette, in the learning a foreign language. Currently, there is a growing demand in the market for specialists, creatively thinking graduates of higher education, determining  the  world standards. This sphere of international relations, world politics, which determine the most important aspects of the modern appearance, makes it possible to get a quality education on  new trends.

"Customs" are specialists   ready to work in the field of customs Affairs. During the training process, students master advanced functional training of the new legislation and graduates in the subjects should know and be able the following basic legal skills, such as:

Specialty 5В030400 - "Customs business" - is specialists ,  who are   trained  for   professional activity in the field of customs business . In the process of training, students master the advanced functional preparation of new legislation and graduates in subjects should know and be able to the following basic legal skills, such as:

- Order of organization of the customs service, import and export of commodity, currency transactions  and the calculation of customs duties.

- Border Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, lists of permitted and prohibited goods for free export from the country.

- The graduate knows the state and legal structure of society, public administration, the judiciary, the prosecutor's system, the legal profession and the links of the system of bodies, their competence and the differences in authority.

          Also knows and freely understands the issues of labor legislation and social security. Masters  the skills of solving various disputes. They know the legislation in criminal law, forensic techniques, tactics, skills in applying criminal and civil legislation.


Teaching Staff

The teachers of the department "International relations and customs business" work on  two basic  specialties. Teachers of the department have academic degrees, among them candidates of sciences on the  specialties "international relations" and "customs business" such: as  Kamaldinov R.A., Shabanov E.I., Taubayeva M.E., Efimova I.E., Mamasharipova G.A.. The experience and in-depth lectures for students based on knowledge are very interesting and entertaining. In addition, Sarsenbekov Zh.A., Turymshayeva AT, Batyrbekyzy G., Esirkep G.Zh., Muratova G.T., Berdekova R.M., Toijanova A.B., Kurbanov I.Zh.,  as masters of sciences and senior teachers. Preparation of the specialty is conducted on  state, official and in english languages.


Direction of the department

The level of demand in the labor market of qualified graduates in the specialty of "international relations" of local residents fully satisfies. Many graduates of the department work  at enterprises and management bodies, in various responsible and private services. Some of the graduates continue their knowledge abroad in higher education institutions, known in Western Europe. Teaching staff as holders of the international scholarship of the President of the Republic of  "Bolashak" are trained in America, Canada, France and Great Britain, our best students and undergraduates go to semester study in foreign universities. Our graduates from M. Auezov SKSU, on the specialty "International Relations" continue to study on  the master program in Al-Farabi  KazNU  and  L.N. Gumilyov ENU, as well as on the master program of other higher educational institutions, the indicators of each year of our graduates' training in improving their knowledge is  a high level, and also the department cooperates with the French Alliance.


Research and educational work

The faculty of the department "International Relations and Customs business"  M.Auezov SKSU carries out  the  activities in accordance with the thematic plan of scientific research works. Teachers of the department publish their articles and works in the journals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, represented by the Committee of the ST of the RK and in  journals with the zero impact factor (Scopus, Thompson Reuters, Elsevier) and in the journals of the RINC, and also the articles is publishing in the collections of international conferences.

In addition, the teachers of the department conduct research joint work with university students. Under the guidance of teachers, students take an active part in organized conferences of the faculty and university. They also take part in regional and local  conferences. Teachers and students take an active part in the republican and international scientific, technical and scientific-methodical conferences,  that take place in different cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. Teachers of the department hold meetings, round tables with employees in different scientific fields.

Also, educational work is carried out on curatorial hours on the themes of spiritual and national upbringing of ancestors, adhering to an individual approach for  the development of the country, to positively influence the consciousness of the younger generation, to indicate a reliable step in the future.

Conference on "Prevention of Terrorism and Extremism"


The round table on the topic "Kept the Peace of the Country - Justified Hopes"


      The opening of the Korean Educational Center "Sejong" in M. Auezov SKSU with the participation of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Kazakhstan Kim Desik, with the faculty and with students of the department "International Relations and Customs".
      September 11, 2018 in M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University the opening ceremony of the Korean Educational Center was held with the participation of the delegation of the Embassy of South Korea in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the University of Sangmyung (South Korea), with the faculty and with students of the department "International Relations and Customs".

      The delegation was led by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Kazakhstan Kim Desik and the President of the University of Sangmyung  Baek Ehung Gi.


     During the visit, the Korean delegation met with the rector of  M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University Kozhamzharova Dariya Perneshnovna, where the parties discussed the opportunities and prospects of the Korean Educational Center on the basis of  M.Auezov SKSU, whose goal is to organize language courses on learning Korean language and learning about Korean culture and traditions for all comers. Following the meeting between the Parties, an agreement was reached on organizing an academic exchange on mutually beneficial terms, as well as expanding cooperation in the field of commercialization of joint research and development projects and the exchange of experience in the current areas of research.

Practice of students

On the specialties of "International Relations and Customs Business", training, fact-finding, production and pre-diploma practice are conducted according to the plan. For students of the specialty 5B020200- "International Relations" there are contractual agreements, a tripartite memorandum on cooperation with  "Office of the Internal Policy of the Party" Nur Otan "and" Zhas Otan ", the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the South Kazakhstan Oblast, the Department for Youth Policy of the South Kazakhstan Oblast, , the administrative and economic department, the Youth Resource Center in South Kazakhstan, for the practice of students of specialty 5В030400-Customs are the Department of State Revenues for SKO, customs posts, courts Abay district.


Аcademic mobility

All specialties in Auezov SKSU M. participate in the program of external academic mobility, training for education, connected partners-higher education institutions, such as: Leoben-Montana University, University of Vienna (Austria); Angers, Higher School of Agricultural Sciences (France); University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg), University of Natural Sciences Esslingen. In the field of academic mobility, our students Diana Sultanova (2015 on November), Tauasarova Asel (2017 on February), specialty 5В020200 "International Relations" for 5 months at the University of Lodz, located in the city of Lodz, and also  received a high-quality education in Poland.


Scope of work of graduates

The main places of employment for graduates of the specialty 5В020200- "International Relations", such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in various bodies and institutions of public administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, working in the field of foreign policy relations, world politics, in international organizations, in transnational associations, experts, consultants in the field of international relations, foreign policy reviewer, a translator of a foreign language in the relevant service in the state bodies and institutions, employees of educational and scientific institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The professional activity of the graduates of the specialty 5B030400- "Customs" is: Customs authorities, the State Revenue Department, at customs posts, and its territorial subdivisions, the Customs Control Committee, the Agency for Combating Economic and Corruption Offenses, the Tax Service, Financial Control, Public Procurement, management of state property and privatization, treasury, debt collection department, work in financial police, internal affairs, prosecutor's system, CNS, central and local state bodies, warehouses for temporary storage of goods, foreign economic relations, in educational institutions.